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with Sarah Carroll, Kerri Simpson and the Prodigal Sons
East Brunswick Club, Thursday March 20th 2008

It had been a few years since I had gone out on Good Friday eve to a gig and it was good for a change. Sarah Carroll was up first and played some new songs off her upcoming album which was great.

Kerri Simpson and the Prodigal Sons were up next and I thought they went really well. I will have to get their country album as I liked the songs off it that I heard during this gig.

I understand a lot of the Root! fans only wanted to see the main band, but hopefully more of them will come along earlier in the night next time as the band are trying to get out into a different scene these days. I think they would do great at the Old Drouin Butter Factory (only an hour's drive from Poowong so the footy players could come over in the team mini-bus.) I think they would go great at the Pint on Punt with Jack Rabbit and the Pubic Hares and The Eggs also.

I hadn't seen Root! since the Spanish Club closing party last year so it was great to see them again. I made a point of buying their CD this time as I haven't been able to find it in the stores as yet. They played really well and DC and Henri Root got to go up the back for one song. My favourite part of the gig was when they got Kerri Simpson and Sarah Carroll up to sing for the finale. Their next gig is on April 13th at the Retreat so hopefully some of the cool people out in the beer garden come in for it (I had a fight with a kransky there last time and lost a tooth.)

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