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Ramones Tribute Night

with BARJ and special guests
Pint on Punt, Friday 31st August 2007

There were meant to be other bands and performers on the night, but they couldn't make it unfortunately. BARJ was very well received and a lot of people left afterwards for some reason (it was past their bedtime.)

BARJ was somewhat bemused with having to play the same songs a few times, but that's what bands had to do in the olden days when they had to play more than one set and hadn't written enough songs. Hopefully BARJ plays more often in the future and gets to play on the same bill as the Twits when they are older.

Special guests for the band included Chris and Lush from the Twits, Evo, Fred, Richard, Rowdy, one other member of BARJ who played Lush's guitar and a fill in drummer whose name escapes me at the moment.

It was a good night and hopefully there will be a similar event in the future with some more bands and some different songs.

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