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Record Store Day

with MC Brian Nankervis, Fireside Bellows, Alison & Jeff Lang, Suzannah Espie, Rebecca Barnard & Jeff Raglus
Basement Discs, Saturday 18th April 2009

For some reason I thought Sarah Carroll was on at 1pm, plus the tram was running late so I ended up missing seeing Sarah this time. I was lucky enough to see the rest of the performances though.

Cheers to Jordie Lane, who I saw perform at the David Bowie tribute later that night. I looked through the CDs while Fireside Bellows where playing and ended up buying Van Walker's CD.

It was great to see Alison and Jeff playing together as Alison is usually the one on the mixing desk when Jeff plays. I haven't been to see the Hallrunners for a while now so I will have to get out to see them.

I saw Suzannah do an in store at Basement Discs a couple of months ago, plus her CD launch, but I hadn't seen her since then.

Brian Nankervis was the MC for the day and did a rock trivia quiz in between sets.

It was great to see Rebecca Barnard again after the Queenscliff Music Festival last year.

By the time Rebecca finished it was getting towards 3pm, my legs went to sleep from sitting on the floor and I wanted to have lunch and go home for a lie down before going out that night. I also called in to Polyester Records on the way home and talked to the Breakfasters from RRR FM. I am aware that JB Hi Fi also had their own record store day, but that was always going to happen once the day became more popular. I didn't get to any other record stores during the day, but I am sure they had a good time.


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