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Red Door Burlesque

The Order of Melbourne, Sunday 8th June 2008
Featuring Anna Rocket, Ms Remi, Dee Dee Martini, Lil Thelma Thunderbird, Sarah Lea Cheesecake, Callan Morgan

I had missed Sarah's last appearance at Red Door Burlesque due to other things, so I made sure to put the Queen's Birthday show in my diary ahead of time. Even when I was asked to come to an instore earlier in the day, I was determined to come and left home already dressed up for the night.

Anna Rocket was up first with her hula hoop routine and I later found out it was her at the St Kilda Town Hall opening so I will have to show her those photos later.

Lil' Thelma Thunderbird introduced the acts and was the "Peep girl" for the night where she sat on top of the cigarette machine and handed out biscuits and sweeties in the intermission.

Miss Remi's act with the candles was great and I would like to see more of her in the future.

Dee Dee Martini did a couple of acts as a maid and a staid woman who becomes wild after having champagne and beer. I hadn't seen any of Hi Ball Burlesque for ages so it was good to see her on the night.

It is always great to see Sarah Lea Cheesecake and the performance at Red Door Burlesque was great as it was a lot closer to the audience and you could see Sarah enter and exit the stage from past the toilet doors (it was a fair way.)

Anna Rocket's duo with Callan Morgan was great and I took heaps of photos during it.

After Dee Dee Martini's second act, the final two acts were Anna Rocket on the trapeze. She did a comedy-style routine and had a lot of near falls and fooling around. Ms Remi did an act on the ring, but my camera ran out of memory at the start of it and I didn't get as many photos as I would like. It was very graceful though.

While it was a good show, next time I will go with some friends so I can get a table. I will also get a taxi home so crazy people don't try to chase me down Swanston St. I also know the way up to beer garden at the Order of Melbourne and won't go into the dressing room next time by accident.


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