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Red Hot Poker Dots & The Re-mains

Retreat Hotel
Sunday, 20th March, 2005

The last day of the Brunswick Music Festival and two great bands play at one of my favourite Melbourne pubs for live music (the food from the kitchen is great also.)

The Red Hot Poker Dots have been on tour in America since I last saw them and putting the poster with the photo I took of them to great use. Their new CD also has some of my photos and my name in the credits, but I haven't managed to get a copy yet.

As there were not many people around the Dot's weren't rushing to set up and play to no audience. There were quite a few people by the time they started and a lot more towards the end of their set.

I liked their new songs, that they have had a lot of practise on now they have been on tour. The last time I saw them in Melbourne they were performing some of them for the first time. Also they have been working on their dancing while they play as Ray-Dee Ator jumps off the stage to dance with the audience while still playing his guitar.

The Re-mains had been promoted on the radio and played live on RRR FM earlier in the day so I was expecting a big crowd for their part of the show. I hadn't heard of them until recently, but they have a large following and it is easy to see why. They play country-rock with the emphasis on the rock side and have been developing their skills from years of playing to hostile outback pub crowds who want to hear Cold Chisel and country songs.

I was joined part of the way into their set by my friend Ilana. She had seen both their shows the previous night and had been at the second one until 5am and was still eager to see them. I have seen her dance before, but not like that as it was hard keep track she was going so fast.

I even got up and danced with Ilana, which was really great and kept her company on the dance floor even when I wasn't directly dancing with her. She asked me to ask a member of the Red Hot Poker Dots to dance with her, but he told me he didn't dance - 10 minutes later he is on the dance floor kicking backwards and dancing like a madman. Ray Dee Ator and Little Odette from the Dots' danced really great and I loved their "chicken scratch" moves.

Things picked up when people started moshing at the front. Yes, you read that correctly, a mosh-pit at a country gig! Ilana said she had never done that before and even Suzannah from GIT had a go at it.

It was still going strong at 10.30pm when people demanded a second encore to which the band replied, "we have dreams about this!" As much as I wanted to stay and dance with Ilana, I didn't fancy another $32 taxi fare to get home again. I am going to take time off the next time this band comes down so I can go to their gigs.


Bonus video!
Red Hot Poker Dots first song - (WMV, 3.41Mb) / (Quicktime, 7Mb)

Red Hot Bop part 1 - (WMV, 3.41Mb) / (Quicktime, 7Mb)

Red Hot Bop part 2 - (WMV, 2.98Mb) / (Quicktime, 6.14Mb)

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