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Redfish Bluegrass CD Launch

with Wayward Fancies & Liz Stringer
East Brunswick Club
Sunday, 6th August 2006

I had heard about Redfish Bluegrass' residency at the Wesley Anne in Northcote, but I don't often get up that way on a Sunday so I hadn't had the opportunity to see them play live apart from a short set after the Community Cup a couple of months ago.

It was great to see the Wayward Fancies again as I hadn't seen them since the Sweet Felcia benefit. I am sure the people who arrived early enjoyed them and I look forward to their CD launch one day.

Liz Stringer was a surprise as I hadn't heard of her before. She played a great soul/blues style set and was enjoyed a lot by the crowd who had packed the front part of the band room at the East Brunswick Club.

As I had only seen them at the Greyhound Hotel, I didn't know what there were so many people who come to see Redfish Bluegrass' residency usually. It was really great when everyone came forwards to the stage so they could be closer to the band. The crowd also helped up by delivering extra beer to the band as they did the one long set and didn't stop for drinks.

Even though I had a headache at the start of the night and the band room was really dark, I had a good night and met some interesting people. Thanks for Christine and Sian for driving me home after the gig and hopefully the CD goes well and the band gets to play more gigs around town.

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