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The Re-mains

with Tonchi Mcintosh & Spargo
The Tote, Thursday 4th October 2007

I was originally going to the Re-mains gig on the Friday, but it turned out they were playing in Mildura instead and I had already made up my mind to go to this gig even before I was asked to go see another show the next night.

Tonchi McIntosh was up first and I thought he played very well with guest drummer Matt Earle and MC Jayzee. I enjoyed his song about Gallipoli and will have to ask if he has a CD available at the next gig.

Spargo made the most of the situation by playing around and the Tim Freedman-styled lead singer making jokes about Operator Please (the band even started to play it.)

I had been looking forward to seeing the Re-mains for weeks and had been playing their CDs heaps at home. I wish more of the people I told about the gig would have come along with me but hopefully more turn up at the Greyhound gig later in the week. I was surprised to hear all new songs for this set, but they are only new in that I hadn't heard them. You can tell they have been well road tested due to the amount of touring the Re-mains do. One of their members is still recovering from their accident and I wasn't expecting them back on the road until next year myself.

The band has definitely gone in a new direction and sounds a lot different from when I last heard them do a proper gig last year (I only called in for a couple of songs at the Rainbow earlier this year.) There is a new album on the way and I am sure all their fans will be looking forward to it.


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