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The Re-mains

with DJ Max Crawdaddy
Cherry Bar, Friday 27th February 2008

All week, have to save money, have to save money, can't go out or even look at anything. I didn't help that I was doing a security course where the instructors decided to yell at everyone all the time. By Friday I was sick of it and stopped by the St Kilda Bowling Club to see if any of the Re-mains were in having a drink as they usually hang out there when they are in Melbourne. Uncle Burnin' Love and Tom Jones were in having a few and asked me to come see them as I am going to be busy on Sunday at can't make their Retreat gig.

As I drank far too much and ended up on the floor at their last gig and I didn't have any money anyway, I just drank water for the whole gig. The first set had quite a few new songs and was their slower material as it was a bit of a quiet start. Most bands play there quite late so you always get the nightclub-hoppers turning up.

The second set had a few more people on the dance floor, which was great to see. I would have liked to see some more people at the gig, but you can't get that all the time. I was glad I made the effort to go see the Re-mains or I wouldn't have been able to see them until they get back from Canada again in six months time.


Live at the Retreat Hotel
You gotta break before you can bend
Day in the sun


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