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Rites of Passage Festvial 2011

Tattoo Convention & Arts Festival
Royal Exhibtion Building, Saturday January 29th 2011
with Jess McAvoy, Capoeira Muzenza, Optamus, Miss Honey Pot, Betty Blood, Spencer P Jones, Jordie Lane, Dr Sketchys, Bertie Page Clinic

I had heard about this festival a while ago and wasn't sure if I was going to make it. Thanks to Mel for asking me to come and take photos for Dr Sketchys as a trial for the Dr Sketchys sessions during the year. I had been busy on the Friday night of the festival and already had plans for the Sunday, but it was good to be able to make the Saturday.

As the Dr Sketchy's session was going to be on in the evening I decided to arrive a bit early to have a look around. I did not take any photos of people getting tattooed as that would have been rude and there was already media coverage specifically for the tattoo part of the festival.

It was good to finally see Jess McAvoy as I had heard of her but not see her perform before. I wish I had managed to talk to her afterwards I want to go see her again.

Cheers to Kustom Lane Gallery and the other stalls in the Tiki Town area of the festival who I said hello to earlier in the day. I will try and make it to more openings there during the year.

Capoeira Muzenza and Optamus were interesting to watch and they did get quite a few people interested during their set.

It was great to see Miss Honey Pot and Betty Blood who came in at the last minute to replace one of the performers who was sick that day.

I also enjoyed getting to hang out with Mel and Molly some more before Dr Sketchys and I did get to have a quick look at Spencer P Jones, but wanted to talk to the girls and Evan from the Byron Bay Dr Sketchys.

Originally I was going to stay at Dr Sketchys during the session and draw, but there were bands on at the same time so it was hard. I decided the best thing was to just drop in between the bands while the session was on and come back at the end.

Jordie Lane was great and I will miss seeing him once he moves to New York.

I have been meaning to see Bertie Page Clinic but have never gotten around to it, Bertie had fun during her set and special guest was Madame Lash who decided Bertie was being naughty and had her tied up and spanked on stage. It was a good way to end her performance and for me couldn't really be topped and I decided to head off for the day even though there were other bands on.

It was a good day and hopefully the festival will be back next year.


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