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Robbie 'Rocket' Watts Benefit

Corner Hotel
with The Strays, Specimens, Mach Pelican, Spazzys, Cockfight Shootout, Unwanted Men in Black, The Twits, Meanies, The Onyas, Double Agents, Hoss, Ian Rilen & The Love Addicts
Saturday, 29th July 2006

I was as shocked as most people in Melbourne's music scene to hear of Robbie Watt's death whilst on tour. I only moved to Melbourne in 2000 so I didn't start seeing the Cosmic Psychos until a couple of years ago, but I always looked forward to their shows as you were guaranteed a good night.

It was great that Toshi Maeda organised this night as a way for people to show their support for the Watts' family in this difficult time. The circumstances were not the best, but I am glad I had the opportunity to put names to faces as I was lucky enough to pass on my photos of the Cosmic Psychos last show in Melbourne to his family.

I have heard of most of the bands in the line-up, but some were new and surprised me quite a bit. I liked the Strays as they had a good line-up and were very energetic even though it was early in the night. Ally Spazzy also sang a tribute song to Robbie during their set.

The Specimens were great and played a very loud and energetic set, I am glad I decided to get to the show early as I would have been disappointed to miss them.

Mach Pelican were also great and I am looking forward to their new album in a few months. I thought they could have played on the main stage, but I liked seeing them on the side stage as the audience was closer to them.

The Spazzys were very popular and played a great set. They also had a guest spot with the Twits and helped out with the other bands during the night.

Cockfight Shootout were great and were as good as I remember. Hopefully they will kick on and get more people coming to see them.

Unwanted Men in Black were a seven piece Bluegrass band from Bendigo and were the unexpected success of the night. They had a very positive reaction when they played some Johnny Cash for their first song and also had someone yelling out that they were their groupie and had slept with all the band. They were one of the only bands to get an encore due to how well they were received.

The Twits were great as always and they had Ally Spazzy wearing a Pink Panther head and Kat Spazzy playing Farnsworth Cuntington their beer butler. I am used to seeing the Twits in smaller venues so it was great to see all the people watching their set. Some people were a bit put off by their antics, but you should know what they do by now and not stand up the front if you are easily offended.

The Meanies were excellent and played much better than their set at the Community Cup. This night was special and it inspired most of the bands to give some of their best sets I have seen from them.

You can tell when a band is good when other bands really get into them. Most of the slam dancers up the front for The Onyas were from the other bands playing that night and they really got into it. The lead singer had to throw his guitar on stage from the crowd after he broke all the strings when he was mixing it up with the slam dancers. The set was rescued by Kat Spazzy who delivered a new guitar.

The Double Agents were great and Fred liked them as he wanted a photo of them especially. It was good to see a slide guitar in the line-up as it was a change from all the electric guitars on the night.

Hoss were another favourite of the crowd and they wanted them to play the song 'Magpie'. The last time I saw Joel Silbesher he was playing a guest spot with the Dirty Three, so it was good to see his band perform.

Ian Rilen & The Love Addicts rounded out the night in style and are well deserving of their reputation. I can see why they have a lot of women fans (one who tried to flash Ian Rilen) as they are very loud and could out rock many other younger bands.

I headed off after the bands finished and didn't stay to have a drink as I was tired by the end, I am sure everyone else kicked on in the public bar afterwards. Thanks to Christina who split a cab with me as every bastard in the world wanted to get a cab at that time of night.

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