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Robot vs. World

2009 Melbourne Fringe Festival
Bella Union, Thursday 1st October 2009

Cast & Crew:
Adrian Calear - Director
Toby Sullivan - Writer
Scott Pollard - Optimus Prime
Richard McKenzie - Dalek
Alison Bice - Astroboy
Fabienne Martial - Dame and Detective
Louise Angrilli - Cyberman/Door

I had seen Super Happy Robot Hour in 2005 and was looking forward to this show heaps since it was announced.

The main characters are again Optimus Prime, Dalek and Astroboy who have formed their own detective agency investigating robot-related crimes with various levels of success.

Their big break comes when a dame comes looking for help to find her husband, ED-209 who has been kidnapped.

Dalek is kidnapped and Optimus and Astroboy run into a competing detective who tells them ED-209 has been murdered.

By complete accident, Dalek finds out who is behind everything, but forgets everything due his obsession with a sandwich.

Astroboy and Optimus eventually find Dalek and the mastermind behind the disappearance of robots is finally revealed, leading to a big showdown involving bodily fluids and Singstar.

Considering everything else Scott has been up to lately: tattoos, fake weddings, etc, I am surprised he even had time to organise this show.

It was a bit scaled-back compared to the last show, which would be necessary due to the amount of effort in getting all the props and costumes to work within the space. Having less props also means there are less things to go wrong, which would be a big help as the costumes themselves are very big and the actors have to be strapped into them.

I am not sure if this show is going to be on at the Comedy Festival next year, best to catch it now just in case. I have heard from several people who wanted to go to it when I mentioned it so hopefully they get the chance.

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