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Rockdogs vs. The Tote

with Turtles vs. Reds, Cherry Bar vs. Workers Club
Vic Park, Sunday 19th September 2010

Match results:
Turtles (49)
Reds (44)

Tote 18 17 (125)
Rockdogs 1 2 (3)

"Is it that time of year already?" is what I heard whenever I mentioned this game, no, it's not the Community Cup, just a social game and hopefully they will have more in the future at the same ground. The only footy match I go to all year is the Community Cup so it was good to be out of a pub for once.

Turtles vs. Reds was a good game even if there were not many people there, I did have a sausage and steak to see if they were alright.

Rockdogs vs. The Tote was a slaughter, it really makes a difference if one team plays more than once a year. It was still a fun game and all the dogs running on the ground had a good time.

I don't even know the score of the final game, Workers Club vs. Cherry Bar are two new teams and some of my friends are on the Cherry Bar team so it was good to see them playing.

I thought it was a good day and I ended up staying for the whole day even though I wasn't planning to originally. Hopefully they have it on at least once more before the big match next year.

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