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Ruck'n'Roll Pie Night

with The Cheats, The Twits, The Spazzys & Cosmic Psychos
The Esplanade Hotel
Saturday, 24th June 2006

This wasn't just a fundraising gig for the Community Cup, it was a time machine to the New Year's Eve gig I went to at the Espy on New Year's Eve 2000. I haven't been to a better gig at the Espy since then until this night. I did the double-header last year by seeing Bob Log III the night before the cup, so I was sure I could pull up the next day even after staying up late.

Before the bands started playing, Ross and Kat Spazzy were talking to Lush about how they worked out their set list (The Twits had one for the first time in years.) It worked out thusly - Ross' Cosmic Psychos set list:

Kat Spazzy: Lucky eighteen

The Twits: Drink! 1 song, argue about next song, play, drink, argue, rinse lather and repeat.

It was also the first time in three years the Twits had played in the lounge bar. It was so long ago that I hadn't been to that particular gig (the Play Music CD launch.) Tonight showed that people will see them upstairs and they don't need to be squashed into the public bar.

Evo was the MC for the night and had a short message about the cup the next day and how the Rockdogs were going to win. It was funny to hear the rants about the Megahertz players & supporters.

The Cheats were on first and I thought they went very well. Everyone from the other bands seemed to like them.

For the first time in ages the Twits played second on the line up. I thought they were great and Kat Spazzy got up towards the end to sing the Rockdogs theme song. I also had beer spilled on my camera and it went on shooting - hurrah!

I hadn't seen the Spazzys play for ages so I was looking forward to seeing them. Hello to Jodi who was also keen on them. The Spazzys also posed for a photo while the Twits were playing which was nice.

The Cosmic Psychos ripped the Espy a new one, playing songs off their new album along with some old favourites. Highlights of the set included Dean Muller shooting a drumstick out at some bloke and not missing a beat, Kill Bill which sounds very Spaghetti Western played live and the She's A Lost Cause sing along at the end. As expected it was a bloodbath at the front of the stage, but you expect slam dancing at a Psychos gig so I moved after the first couple of songs. At least security didn't kick too many people out for enjoying themselves.

As is the usual tradition after a gig at the Espy I stopped at Topilinos for a pizza and then walked up to the Pint on Punt to catch a taxi. Thanks to John who was still working for giving me a lift home. I was drunk, tired, covered in beer, smelled like an ashtray and deaf afterwards, but shit it was a good gig!

Sacred Heart Mission, St Kilda
The Twits
The Spazzys
Cosmic Psychos

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