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Sunshine Harvester at the Pint on Punt

Sunday 24th July 2005

After getting home from the film festival at 4am last night, I wasn't planning on staying long today, but I did want to see Sunshine Harvester play, as I hadn't seen them since last year and I wanted to meet them just to catch up.

I have to admit I almost didn't recognise Moana with her new glasses, but they really suit her. As the cricket was on the same night, there were a lot of clowns in the bar who thought they should just talk louder when the band played, but I thought the band delt with it really well.

It was great to see more of the band's friends arrived during the set break when I was leaving, so I hope the second set went well and everyone stayed out of the cold & rain (like I should have done instead of nearly getting drowned on the way home.)

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