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S.L.A.M (Save Live Australian Music) Rally

with a cast of thousands
State Library to Parliment House, Tuesday 23rd February 2010

Despite a supposed new liquor licensing accord being announced on the morning of the rally (not much of a surprise really), there was still a lot to say by having the protest and the wheels were already in motion for the afternoon. There was still a lot to be gained a lot of unanswered questions like the new regulations only being temporary and set to expire conveniently after the next election.

I arrived about an hour early and it seemed like there were only a few hundred people until about fifteen minutes before the march when the band truck started up and then there were a couple of thousand people and everyone was watching from the surrounding buildings. Brian Nankervis was great as the MC as always and got the crowd in the right mood for the march, which was more of a festival atmosphere than an angry protest march.

Although there were lots of people I knew there, it was difficult to talk to individual people other than bumping into them randomly. I ended up cutting through Chinatown to get to the front of the march and ran into Little Freddie and the Pops holding up the banner. It was too hard to keep up with the truck the band was on so I ended up walking back with the crowd.

At parliament house I didn't really feel like going up with all the other photographers to get photos of the band so I went across the road to the pub and hung back in the shadows to hear the speeches. I couldn't really see a lot of the singers, but I could still hear them fine. Afterwards I went to Pony for a drink with some friends, then to the Exford for the one and then dinner. On the way home I ran into Little Freddie and the Pops on the tram and had a good chat. I wish I could have kicked on, but I had to work the next day.

Cheers to everyone who attended and I will probably see you at the Community Cup later this year.


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