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Sarah & Suzannah

Retreat Hotel, Saturday 4th August 2007

I had been looking forward to this gig for weeks even with the film festival on, I had to make sure I went to at least one of the residencies as I have enjoyed Sarah and Suzannah's other shows this year.

As a warm up for the gig they did some songs on Denise Hyland's show Twang on RRR, which was great, even though I had to leave early to make it across town in time and didn't hear it all.

It was great that Sarah and Suzannah also got the chance to try out some new songs also and I look forward to hearing them more in the future. Sarah's comment about Drunk Tanker Pilot and the recent bridge collapse just being a coincidence was strange as her song was the first thing I had thought of when I heard of it.

Ali McGregor was playing in another band up the road, so I only stayed for the one set. I will try to get to another one of Sarah and Suzannah's residencies in the future as I am sure they will attract a big following.

The Hallrunners

Edinburgh Castle, Saturday 4th August 2007

I had to walk pretty quickly up Sydney road to make it in time to see the second set of the Hallrunners, but it was worth it as Ali thanked me for coming and they were a good band. The walk was good also as there are a lot of interesting shops on the way.

Thanks to Sarah for saying I didn't need to rush back when I left their gig and I will try to see the Hallrunners some time in the future.

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