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Sarah Carroll & the Unconscious Brothers

Palookaville, Sunday 7th October 2007

After a very busy weekend it was great to have this gig to look forward to at the end of it. Even if I hadn't gone to see everything else I still would have made it to this gig. It is a nice venue and I enjoyed seeing Sunshine Harvester when they played there last year.

The stage has moved since then and is now on the fake porch near the kitchen. It was great to have somewhere to sit down as I was a bit tired by that stage and ended up ordering dinner (I saved some desert for Sarah.) Special guest for the day was Leigh Ivin on pedal steel and guitar. One of the Tim's from the Unconscious Brothers was absent but I enjoyed the show. I am looking forward to seeing them at the Queenscliff music festival as their show was great last year.

Thanks to Nick and friend for buying me some drinks and giving me a lift home afterwards. I will hopefully go to see Suzannah's band one weekend in October also.

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