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Sarah Carroll at the Spanish Club

with special guests Chris Wilson & Andy Baylor
Thursday, 7th December 2006

As much as I like going to see new bands, there is nothing better than having a good residency to go to for some stability in your life. In the past I had enjoyed going to see GIT, but these days I seem to end up at the Pint on Punt watching the Large Number 12's if I don't have anything particular on.

In a part of the year where everyone is running around like chooks with their heads cut off, I am trying to put the brakes on after the Queenscliff Music Festival and Melbourne BBQ Day within a week of each other. I will have to see how I go as people still want me to come to their gigs and I might find something else on that I want to go see.

I can't believe it was in March when I saw Sarah playing in the front bar at the Spanish Club to launch her Pirate Girl EP. Since then I have been to the Yipee launch spectacular and many other great gigs.

Getting back to this gig, I really liked it and it was good to see some of Sarah's friends making it along (cheers to Cookie and Tony.) Next time I will have to bring someone along so at least I have someone to share a Paella with (they're big!) I ended up getting a taxi home as I wanted to stay for both sets and say goodbye afterwards for at least one of the residencies. One of the bar staff at my local wants to go see Chris Wilson one time so I will see if he wants to come one week and bring his friends.

I am looking forward to Sarah playing some new songs occasionally in this residency such as 'Ukulele Bitchfight' which was so new that Chris and Andy had to read the chords while playing (it was fun.) Also next time Ilana is going to stop by which should be great.

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