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Sarah Carroll & the Unconscious Brothers

St Kilda Bowling Club, Sunday 11th May 2008

After a late night previously I was going to go see one set of the Dust Radio Band at the Greyhound and then go see Sarah, but I changed my mind on the day as I didn't want to run around too much. Also Ian and full band was on at the Lomond, but that was too far for me to go on the day.

I haven't been able to get down to the Piping Hot Chicken Shop in Ocean Grove so I don't often get to see the Unconscious Brothers play. I was the only person there at the start and kept the bar staff busy at least for the first set.

For the second set quite a few people turned up including one couple who always come to dance when the Detonators play at the venue. Cheers to Leapin' Larry L and JVG who I talked to later in the night also. It was great to see Horse and some of the Large Number 12's crowd make it down, even if it was only for the one song.


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