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Sarah Carroll's CD Launch

East Brunswick Club
with special guests the Tides of Welcome Choir, Jeremy Hawly, Nick Hurl, Andy Baylor, Barry Stockley, Chris Tabone, Alex Burns, The Damp Panties (Suzannah Espie, Alision Ferrier, Sweet Felicia, Lil Fi, Barb Waters, Kerri Simpson, Shulah Hampson), Suzanne, Marcel Borrack, Dan Warner, Chris Wilson & Joel Silbesher
Sunday, 27th August 2006

Phew! I am exhausted just remembering all the special guests for the night. It was a special one off for the launch of Sarah's new CD Yippee! which sounds great by all accounts. Even though I had a busy weekend, there was no question about not coming to this show. The East Brunswick Club seems to be a favourite venue for CD launches now as it is smaller than the Corner Hotel, but it is big enough to get a decent enough crowd in. I wish they would get rid of the partition though as it just makes a bottle neck when everyone is at the bar.

The Tides of Welcome Choir were up first and it was great to see them for the first time since the Queenscliff Festival last year. It was also great that they had all made the trip up from the Bellarine Peninsula on a Sunday night as it was one in all in for this show.

Next up was Sarah and her friend Susan who has just started playing the ukulele. I thought it was a good song and thanks to Chris who gave me a seat at the side of the stage so I wouldn't get in people's way during the show.

For Sarah's performance she had a full band with a lot of her friends she has played with over the years which made it a really great show. Some of the highlights included the Damp Panties backing singers, Chris Wilson playing the 'saw' parts of Lisa Marie on his harmonica and Marcel Borrack and Dan Warner singing a few songs.

It was a great night and I hope to buy the CD soon. More bands should have an early start if they are going to be playing on a Sunday so people can get home at a decent hour. I didn't have the chance to have dinner before the show and even the distant Chuck Ronnie's up the road looked tempting by 10.30pm. Thankfully I found a 24hr IGA in the city and had a much healthier dinner of chocolate milk and mixed lollies.

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