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Shine a Light benefit concert for Ova2You

with Andy Baylor, Sarah Carroll, Suzannah Espie, Sally Dastey, Tracey Miller, Barb Waters, Rebecca Barnard, Julia Messenger, Monique Brumby Lomond Hotel, Sunday 6th June 2010

Also thanks to Heather Stewart, Marissa Quigley, Kelly Auty, The Egan Sisters and Kerri Simpson who I didn't get to see, but am sure played well.

I first heard about this gig when I had already booked to go see Tinpan Orange later that night, after some confusion about the start time was cleared up I was happy to come along even if I had to leave early. Also thanks to Tracey Miller who told me a bit more about the gig and the charity it was supporting.

The last big benefit show I remember going to at the Lomond was for the "Memphis Stomp" a couple of years ago, so I knew it would get very busy later on. Lucky I did get a seat early as everyone seemed to have the same idea.

Andy Baylor's band played a great introductory set and they also played backing to most of the guests throughout the day. I also enjoyed the music they played in the change over for some of the acts.

Sarah and Suzannah played a joint set, which is also good to see and I enjoyed them doing one of the songs they did during the "Grande Ole Twang" show last year.

I hadn't seen Sally Dastey play since 2003, so it was great to see her again. Lots of singalongs with the audience and also Sarah and Suzannah got up to sing with her for the first song.

Tracey Miller played well and hopefully I will get to see the Graveyard Blues show one day with her and Andy Baylor.

It was also good to see Barb Waters as unfortunately I had missed her CD launch the previous night and I hope her CD launch goes well.

Rebecca Barnard had a special introduction to her set, dedicating it to a friend who died of cancer. I thought she played a good set.

I had not seen Julia Messenger before, but I enjoyed her set and hope to see her again in the future.

It was also good to see Monique Brumby with a full band and I hope everyone had a good time for the remainder of the night.

Unfortunately I had to leave just after Monique Brumby's set, but I am sure everyone else went well.


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