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Show, Don't Tell - The Songs of Casey Bennetto

with Mike McLeish, Aurora Kurth, Julia Zemiro, Gatesy
Bella Union, Saturday 25th September 2010

I had originally wanted to go to see this show on the Thursday night and then Grand Final night, but as it turned out I didn't want to be up too late before the Grand Final Eve show. I nearly didn't make it as it was, but I am glad I made an effort as I am always wanting to hear Casey play his own songs at the Half Arsed Three, but that gig is more for covers and special guests.

It was great to see Aurora singing with Casey again as I normally only get to see her during the comedy festival. Hopefully the songs from Evening get a bit more of a run as I liked them during the show.

Mike McLeish sang a few songs from Keating! and some of Casey's other songs.

I was very surprised when they announced Julia Zemiro as I had seen her singing in the Spontaneous Broadway show last year. Julia sang the song "Redfern" from Keating! in French. No, sorry I do not have a recording but hopefully they got one off the mixing desk.

I liked the song about the football and it was well timed given the events of that day.

Gatesy also sang a song and was well received.

Last song was "Out on the Veranda" with everyone coming to sit on the edge of the stage.

There was an encore, but for the life of me I can't remember the song.

I was a bit tired after the show and so didn't stay that long afterwards. I did get to have a chat with Aurora afterwards and say hello to Mal Webb. I was too scared to go talk to Julia Zemiro afterwards and she looked busy any way.

I will try to make it back to the Half Arsed Three show in a couple of weeks time and have a few of the "Red Creamy Soda" cocktails.


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