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Sin City

with On The Prowl, Loveslaps
Greyhound Hotel, 22nd February 2008

I wasn't going to go to this gig as I still haven't been paid for the last two weeks and I wanted to save my money for the Brunswick Music Festival on Sunday. I sent Chrissy a message and she asked me to come down so I had to go, luckily I got there before it started raining too heavily as there was a river flowing past the pub at one stage.

On the Prowl were on first and only played a short set, but they had a lot of their friends down to watch them which was great.

I hadn't seen the Loveslaps since last year at the Spanish Club so it was great to see them get across this side of the river. Quite a few of their fans turned up also and they had a lot of fun during their set.

My friend asked me to say hello to Sin City which I did even though she knows them better than I do. After seeing them last year at the Corner for the first time in ages I thought they played even better this time as it was a smaller venue and they were more relaxed. I will try to get along to their next gig in March and have already told my friend who likes them.


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