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with Bittersweet Kicks, Bakelite Age
Ding Dong, Friday 15th May 2009

It was Taranto's birthday so I had to come down and say hello and buy a few birthday drinks. Even though it was earlier than they usually play, I thought the Bittersweet Kicks played great and it was good to see them again.

Bakelite Age are a new-ish band with Link Meanie on lead guitar. I enjoyed them and also got a new single off them, Crawlin' round the Cellar is my favourite on it.

Earlier in the night I had the chance to talk to Fred the drummer from SixFtHick, it was fun to talk shit about how much of a pretty-boy Gentle Ben is and to speculate who actually bought the calendars I made. Fred said he would have gone to see the Fuck Fucks if he wasn't playing and he is playing in a new band called the Jim Rockford's. I have since found out he is also playing in another band called the Bertie Page Clinic and I have also said hello to Bertie over email since then.

I hadn't seen SixFtHick since last year and was really looking forward to them, it was a bit disappointing that they seemed a bit off-form on the night as even they apologised for it. Hopefully some more of my friends come next time as it always better when it is a social event.


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