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The Smith Kids Are Alright - A Benefit for Gavin, Ned and Tadhg Smith

with Nici Blue Eyes, Damn The Torpedos, Wrong Turn, The Devilrock Four, The Bakelite Age, Sons of Lee Marvin, Russian Roulettes, Even, Digger & The Pussycats, The Meanies
The Tote, Sunday 24th October 2010

Even though I am in the middle of having a bit of break from taking photos I was looking forward to this gig as it was for a good cause and I enjoyed the last "all Sunday" gig back in July, even if it was in the middle of the film festival and I suffered for it.

It was really great to see Nici Blue Eyes again after she has been away for so long and she sounded excellent. Ben also has a new band coming up soon so it will be good to see them.

Damn The Torpedos were a lot louder than I would have expected for the second band of the day. Even the kids got into it (wearing earmuffs) and enjoyed dancing to them.

I hadn't had the chance to see Wrong Turn for a while, so it was good to see them again. I did like Ian's box-guitar. Hopefully I will get to see them more often in the future.

The Devilrock Four are another band I haven't seen for a while along with the Bakelite Age, I thought they both played well.

I thought Sons of Lee Marvin would have played later in the day, but it was good to see them play when they did as it meant a lot of the people with kids could see them and go home early if they needed to and the band could enjoy the rest of the night. It's been a while and I still have the broken drumstick from their gig at Route 66. I think the scuff marks from Stu Manchu's boots are still on the floor also.

Around this time I went to get dinner as even though there is a BBQ, I wanted to have a sit down and get away for a bit. I arrived back in time to see the Russian Roulettes and I thought they went well.

Even were one of the first bands I went to see when I was living in Melbourne (even bought at t-shirt off them) and I haven't really got to see them as much lately. Always a good set from them.

Digger & The Pussycats come with quite a reputation and managed to live up to the shenanigans part of it at least. It was for a good cause and a beer jug went around for Fanta Pants to do a strip on top of the drum kit if it was filled up which he dutifully fulfilled.

I had already decided I was going to leave at 10pm so I didn't stay for much of the Meanies set. They sounded good and it was a great day with $11,000 being raised for the family. There is another benefit in Sydney early next year so hopefully more people will come.


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