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The Somervilles

The Lomond
Sunday 28th August 2005

I had heard about this gig on the Twang radio show on RRR FM on Saturday afternoon. Later that day I found that the band had recently changed their name from 'Banjovi' and for some reason I thought they played Bluegrass versions of Bon Jovi songs. I downloaded one of their songs from their website and it turns out that they don't (probably one of the reasons they changed their name.)

As I woke up early on Sunday I got to hear them play a few songs on Radio Marina so I definitely wanted to go see them now as they played so well. When I arrived at the Lomond Johnny Von Goes and the rest the guests who had just finished his radio show were having a few (RRR FM is just across the road.)

In the end I really enjoyed the band and they played three sets that were very well received. If you are into Bluegrass music then I recommend you go to see this band or alternatively keep a lookout for their upcoming CD.

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