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Something Good - A Tribute to Carole King

Benefit for the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre
with Casey Bennetto, Scott Edgar, Wes Snelling, Pastel Vespa, Andrew McClelland and the Monkees, Elana Stone, Kelly Wolfgramm, Geraldine Quinn, Penny Larkins, Carl Pannuzzo, Georgia Fields, Aurora Kurth, Defah Dattner, Clare Bowditch, Die Roten Punkte, Eddie Perfect, Kirsty Joosten, Tripod, Mike McLeish, Gabe Andrews, DEATHCLOCK (Axis of Awesome and Dead Cat Bounce), Rebecca Barnard, Xani and Meg Kolac, Lior, Nick Roy, Ali McGregor
Trades Hall, Saturday 10th April 2010

Set List:
Will You Love Me Tomorrow? - Wes Snelling
Keep Your Hands of My Baby - Scott Edgar
Jazz Man - Pastel Vespa
Pleasant Valley Sunday - Andrew McClelland and the Monkees
It's Too Late - Scott Edgar and Elana Stone
One Fine Day - Kelly Wolfgramm
I Can't Hear You No More - Geraldine Quinn
Some Kind of Wonderful - Penny Larkins
Where You Lead - Carl Pannuzzo
I Feel The Earth Move - Georgia Fields
Don't Bring Me Down - Defah Dattner, Clare Bowditch, Aurora Kurth
Something Good - Die Roten Punkte
So Far Away - Eddie Perfect
Beautiful - Kirsty Joosten
Take Good Care of My Baby - Tripod
Crying in the Rain - Mike McLeish and Gabe Andrews
Chains - DEATHCLOCK (Axis of Awesome and Dead Cat Bounce)
Go Away Little Girl - Casey Bennetto
A Natural Woman - Rebecca Barnard
It Might As Well Rain Until September - Xani and Meg Kolac
Up On The Roof - Lior
No Easy Way Down - Nick Roy
Smackwater Jack - Ali McGregor
You've Got a Friend - Elana Stone
The Loco-Motion - Everyone

I had been looking forward to this gig for months and as usual it was the first ticket I purchased for the comedy festival. Unlike last year, I wasn't going to be able to go see many shows and this would be the last one I would be able to make. I was lucky enough to see Casey and the Half-Arsed Three do a run-through of some of the songs on the Thursday before, it was great. I also heard that there was another late-night concert the night before at the Festival Club, which sounded like it would have been excellent and very funny.

Another reason I always enjoy the Trade Aid show is that it means I get to see people I haven't seen since last year. I always say that I am go to see them at other times, but for a lot of them it is the only time they are in Melbourne so it was great to see them again. It also helps to make up for not being able to see that many shows this year somewhat.

There were a lot of really good songs this year, I wish there had been more people come to see the show. Carole King might not be a name you would recognise straight away, but you would be more than familiar with a lot of her songs and there was a range of styles you don't see that often. Highlights for me were Geraldine Quinn, Lady Garden (Defah Dattner, Clare Bowditch, Aurora Kurth) and Elana Stone although I did enjoy everyone else's songs.

Thanks to Aurora Kurth for having a chat when I arrived early, Rebecca for buying me a drink and for Catherine for introducing me to the front of house crew so I could get in with my camera no worries. I would also like to thank the sound tech who gave me the running order after the show and all the performers and crew.

Easily one of the highlights of the year so far and I am looking forward to next year's show already.


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