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Songs for the Kimberley Benefit

with Carus Thompson, Sime Nugent, Gusset Rustlers, Crawfish Dave, Snuff Puppets, Sarah Carroll, Suzannah Espie, Chris Altmann, Manny Fox Hangman's Club, Hello Satellites
unforuntately I did not get to see Sally Dastey, Go-Go Sapien, The Re-mains, Shane Howard
J Studios, Saturday 20th November 2010

I first heard about the issue of the Kimberley gas fields earlier this year from Tonchi in one of his mail outs and have been pleased to see the opposition to the development has been getting more coverage since then along with the gas exploration in Queensland. I think they are digging enough out of the ground already and it's not really that many people who benefit, only the shareholders. The land is going to be there forever but the resources will not be if they keep being hammered like they are.

Carus Thompson has been doing well overseas, particularly in Germany so it was good to see him do a show in Melbourne. Also he did a second spot during the day to fill in for Leah Flanagan who couldn't make it unfortunately.

Sime Nugent was also great and I had not seen him for quite a while. It was still early in the day, but I thought he went well and I will try to see him in the future.

It was great to see the Gusset Rustlers again and cheers to Kate who I get to say hello to near my work during the week,

Crawfish Dave were also great and I have been looking for Melbourne bands who do Zyedco/Swamp Pop after enjoying Lil' Band O' Gold recently and buying all the other CDs for the bands their members are in.

Sarah, Suzannah and Chris Altmann played rounders with them performing one song each during their set and then going back to the start. I liked the yodelling song also.

During the day at various times the Snuff Puppets were wandering around getting into mischief, the Nyet Nyets did get to dance with people though.

Manny Fox Hangman's Club were a new band for me and I thought they went well. I liked the feathers on the drum kit.

I had seen the Hello Satellites supporting Clare Bowditch at the Forum and it was good to see them again with special guest horn section from Manny Fox Hangman's Club.

Unfortunately, I had another gig to get to and I couldn't stay for the rest of the day. I am sure everyone had fun for the rest of the day and lots of money was raised to support the cause.


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