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St. Kilda 25/8/2006

Jagger's Banquet - Pint on Punt
Detonators - St Kilda Bowling Club
Bar Staff - George Public Bar
Ordain - Espy Public Bar
Mother - Gerswhin at the Espy
The Skys Au Go Go - Lounge Bar at the Espy

I hadn't meant to go to four different pubs as I wanted to have a quiet night and just see a couple of sets of the band playing at the Pint on Punt and go home. I am not that into the Rolling Stones so while Jagger's Banquet was entertaining, I wanted to go see the Detonators and see if my friend turned up.

As drinks are cheap at the St Kilda Bowling Club I ended up staying for the first set and then went over to the George Public Bar. CURSES! The bouncer foiled my evil plans by stopping me taking a photo at the top of the stairs! Has ANY evil plot been foiled by security? It just gives people the shits! At the bar Hamo was still having a drink and had funny face wars with the bar staff.

I have sworn off the Espy for most gigs, but I thought I may as well see who was on this time. Ordain were playing in the Public Bar and were OK I thought. I went upstairs to see Mother playing to a packed Gershwin room and I thought they were great. As I was hungry after all the walking and photo-taking I went downstairs to have a pizza in the kitchen. When I came back upstairs the first act of the Skys Au Go Go were just finishing, but I got to see Ms Fat Booty with the hula-hoops. It was very crowded in the lounge bar, so I left and had to run after the tram.

It turned out to be a good night and I will have to remember to do it again sometime in the future. The last time I did it I didn't have my camera so I will try to remember it next time. A pocket camera may be better for this sort of thing in crowded venues though as people walk straight into the barrel of the lens when they are barging past.

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