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Marquis of Lorne, Sunday 6th September 2009

Even though I had been out late the previous night, I still wanted to go see Marcel's new band as it was one of their first times playing and I wanted to hear their new songs.

Marcel did a solo set first as the band has only just started and doesn't have enough songs as yet.

It was a bit of a quiet session at the place considering I've been at the same venue and had to stand in between the drummer and guitarist to watch the band (was a Wagons show.) The band still had fun though and I will be looking forward to more of their songs in the future.


Sons of Lee Marvin, Wrong Turn

Old Bar, Sunday 6th September 2009

For something a bit different the Sons of Lee Marvin did a semi-acoustic set with Stu Manchu doing some solo stuff "I wish I could say something witty like Herny Wagons", then being joined by Bryan Mayden and the rest of the band bar the second drummer who they said was going to "dance for coins like a monkey".

Wrong Turn played in the second set in between SOLM quiet and loud sets. I liked the big AMPRO speakers that were pilfered from 50s cinema gear. I hadn't seen Wrong Turn play before and they are more 50s-style Rock and Roll and genuine in style. A lot different to other two-pieces I have seen before, the closest band I could compare them to would be Bob Log III, except Bob is Bob and can't really be compared to anything. It was funny Myles talking about playing on a "toy kit", but I still reckon he did a great job with it.

I was a bit tired by the end of Wrong Turn's set and went home early, hopefully Sons of Lee Marvin get more people in to these Sunday sessions and the bands playing with have a good time.


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