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Sunday 15th November 2009

Suzannah Espie and the Last Word
Union Hotel Brunswick

I left the Kustom Pinups Calendar launch at 3.30pm thinking 1&1/2 hours would be enough time to get to Brunswick. Wrong! Due to track works between Flinders St and Southern Cross I was told to get a bus to that station and get on a train...which came straight back to Flinders St. I was then told to get a bus from North Melbourne then hop on one leg for 5km. Bugger it, Taxi!

I arrived a couple of minutes before Suzannah started and took my usual photos of Big Boy Lemonade before the band started its set so he wouldn't get into trouble.

It was a great set, and although there were other bands on afterwards, I didn't feel like staying. I don't usually get a taxi to go to gigs, but I wanted to make it to see Suzannah and it was my birthday.


Large Number 12s
Pint on Punt

After a relatively normal tram ride and stopping in the city to see if my friend was working (she wasn't in) I decided against going up to see the new Kooky Karaoke at the Terminus as I didn't want to have to get another taxi home.

The Large Number 12s played great as always and Dan Warner and Ian Bland turned up. I did get birthday congratulations from all the band by the end of the night also.

My friend had sent me a message earlier in the day about the gig she was going to, so I didn't stay for long afterwards.


Benny and the Fly By Nighters
St Kilda Bowling Club

Even though I only got to see a couple of songs, it was worth it to see everyone dancing and to see my friend.

Cheers to Rhianna who was working also and another person working behind the bar who bought me a drink.

It had been a long day so I didn't kick on afterwards as I had too much to drink the previous night and have some big weekends coming up soon.


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