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Ghost Mountain, The Dirt

Greyhound Hotel, 16th March 2008

It was nasty hot when I went to go out to this gig and I was glad to finally arrive at the Greyhound and have Ghost Mountain on first as they played their slow songs so it wasn't hot to listen to them. I didn't go out to the BBQ until the end of the set (you could have just put the snags on the footpath to cook), but it was very hot out there as Chrissy came in and she was boiling.

I had heard Ghost Mountain on Twang the day before, but I hadn't had the chance to go to IDGAFF to go see them that day so I was glad to get to see them this time.

The Dirt were more bluesy and had a few more people for their set. Hopefully more people will come to see them next time.

I was going to stay for the karaoke, but it was just too hot so I ended up going up to the Pint for the one and then going home.


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