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Mal Webb, Sarah Carroll, Bakersfield Glee Club, Waz E. James Band, The Junes

Pure Pop Records/The Greyhound/St Kilda Bowling Club
Sunday 21st December 2008

Mal Web/Sarah Carroll

Pure Pop Records, Sunday 21st December 2008

I wanted to go down to Pure Pop Records early so I could get a seat for Sarah's set and managed to catch the end of Mal Webb's set. I wish I had gone down earlier now as there were some great improvised tunes. Mal Webb's usual songs are more Jazz-based, but his live performances have lots of loops and random elements that you wouldn't be able to record and repeat that well anyway. I will have a look for him in the future.

Sarah played some great new songs and a few off her old and new albums. Santa turned up at one point with his helpers, but I didn't get the chance to ask if he wanted a beer.


Bakersfield Glee Club, Waz E. James Band, Keith's 60th Birthday

Greyhound Hotel, Sunday 21st December 2008

Dave Moll had asked me only the previous night if I would come down and take some photos for pub stalwart Keith's 60th birthday. Even though I wanted to go see the Junes, I couldn't pass it up as it was a special occasion.

The Bakersfield Glee Club are a new band with members from bands that I recognised. They only played a short set, but also did an encore.

I had missed the Waz E. James band the last time they played at the Greyhound as I turned up in time for the Karaoke Oscars after they finished. Dave plays in the band along with a lot of other people.

They went great and did the one long set with a break in the middle to bring Keith's cake out and have him sing a song. The candles had burned down by the time they finished, but Keith enjoyed singing and still got to cut his cake and have the pub sing him happy birthday.

I hope Dave and everyone had a good rest of the set and karaoke afterwards and I am sorry if I was anxious to leave, but I did really want to get to see the Junes.


The Junes

St. Kilda Bowling Club, Sunday 21st December 2008

Finally! I had been looking forward to this gig most of all and managed to miss half of it as I was helping someone else out. If anyone asks me why I didn't go see the Large Number 12s/Dezperados gig at the Pint also I will clock them!

Cheers to Rhianna behind the bar and the people on the front table who let me have some pizza as a hot dog from Mirage Kebabs was not really enough for dinner.

I did enjoy the second set at least and also the encore that I will not embarrass Gleny by saying what happened before, but it was funny.

I probably won't get to see the Junes until next year so it was great to see them one last time. Cheers to Nick and friend for giving me a lift home.


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