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Railway Hotel, North Fitzroy
Friday, 19th November 2004

Happy birthday Moana!

I hadn't seen Sunshine Harvester for ages, so I was surprised when Moana remembered my name when I arrived during their sound check. The last time I had seen them was at the Greyhound Hotel in January when I hadn't bought my camera for some reason (probably the last time I didn't.)

Even though I haven't seen them for a while, I still like hearing where they were playing. I kept promising myself that I would see them again soon. This gig popped up at the last minute and I was glad that I was able to make it, even for the one set.

The first time I saw Sunshine Harvester was when they played support for GIT in their popular residency at the Old Colonial. Since then I have seen one of the members of their group playing with the Maryhillbillys.

They play a variety of music from Gospel to Bluegrass with tracks from Dolly Parton and Gillian Welch. They do have some original songs though and are bringing out a CD very soon they tell me.

If you have the opportunity, I would definitely recommend going to see Sunshine Harvester and saying hello to Moana.


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