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Suzannah Espie and the Last Word live on Off the Record

as part of the Winter Warmers Series
RRR FM Performance Space, Saturday 18th July 2009

I hadn't seen Suzannah since the Junes played at Bar 362 last month and was looking forward to this gig. Luckily I managed to get a ticket for it as I was last at RRR FM in 2007 taking photos for the "battles" theme for JVG Radio Method. Cheers to Tim Thorpe who gave myself and some of the early people a guided tour of the studios. The rest of the people waited in the green room, but I ended up going back to talk to Suzannah and Andrew, by the time Suzannah started warming up it was time to go into the performance space where everyone was waiting.

The band only had half an hour to play during Brian Wise's show, Off the Record, so I only took one photo of Big Boy Lemonade making a funny face (it didn't turn out - doh!) and the band played a few songs off the new album.

I thought it was a great gig and I am looking forward to seeing Suzannah and the band in the future. Thanks to Nick and Michael who gave me a lift into the city afterwards also.


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