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Suzannah Espie and the Last Word CD Launch

with Fireside Bellows, Sarah Carroll, Kerri Simpson and Lil' Fi
Toff in Town, Saturday 16th May 2009

As I already had a busy weekend I wasn't planning on going to this gig until my friend asked me if she could go only a couple of days before, as it turned out she couldn't make it so I went by myself. I had only been to the venue once before to see a comedy night so it was good to finally see a band there after hearing so much about it. I even dressed up for the occasion, but it was too hot in the venue so I had to take my jacket off.

I last saw Fireside Bellows at the Basement Discs for Record Store Day and it was great to see them again. I thought they played great, but I wish the audience had been a bit quieter during their set. It was funny to see Jordie clipping his nails during their set with a borrowed pair of nail clippers.

It was really packed-out by the time Suzannah came on and it was great to see Lil' Fi, Kerri Simpson and Sarah as the backing singers. I went to Suzannah's first CD launch back in February and it has been great to hear all the good reviews Suzannah's CD has been getting. The Toff gig was originally meant to be the 'welcome home' gig for the end of the tour, but things went so well during the tour and press that lots of people turned up.

As it turned out it was a really great show and everyone had a good time. It was different to seeing Suzannah playing in the pub, but I still got to take a photo of Big Boy Lemonade as his missus asked me to. Cheers to Jo, Michael, Nick, Ben, Ali, Sweet Felicia, JVG and everyone else I saw on the night. Sorry if I missed anyone else, but you already know how many people were there on the night.


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