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Suzannah Espie & Chris Altman

Union Hotel Brunswick, Saturday 13th February 2010

For some reason I thought this gig was on the Sunday, luckily I was listening to Twang when Denise said that they were promoting a gig for that day so I listened to Suzannah and Chris on the radio then left home straight after so I could get there early this time and not after they started or have to get a taxi there to make the gig.

There were a few people there, but everyone was yammering during the first set and the dinner crowd started arriving during the second. My favourite part was the "cavalcade of babies" that rolled in while Suzannah was singing "Blue Baby".

It was great to see Suzannah and Chris Altman play together again after briefly seeing them perform during the Oakleigh Bowling Club Folk Club gig in December and I am sure a lot more people will come to see them next time.


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