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Suzannah Espie and the Last Word First and Last Hotel CD Launch

with Walker and the Celestial Railroad Band, Sarah Carroll, Kerri Simpson and Alison Lang
Oakleigh Bowling Club, Friday 13th February 2009

with bonus photos from Suzannah's in store appearance at Basement Discs

As I was already in the city that morning, I was lucky enough to get the chance to go see Suzannah at the Basement Discs along with everyone sneaking out in their lunch hour. For some people who couldn't make it on the night or who had other gigs on the same night it was a good chance to catch up - Hi Sweet Felicia and Little Fi!

My home Centrelink office is in Oakleigh so I know the way around the main part of it, but hadn't been up to the bowling club before. Someone stopped to point the way when they saw me walking on the street. I didn't know there was going to be food at the gig so I rushed around before to get my dinner.

It was good to see Van Walker and band after not being able to get in to Pure Pop during the St Kilda Festival to see them. I thought there were quite a few people there to see them also.

As with any show for Suznnah Espie and the Last Word, Andrew Ogburn let me take some funny photos, but luckily not while he was meant to be playing as sometimes happens. Special guests for the CD launch and who also featured on the album where Alison Lang, Kerri Simpson and Sarah Carroll.

I thought the show went great, despite the sound problems during Van Walker's set and people even bought their own wine and cheese and snacks to have during the show as it was mostly table seating except for people who arrived late and had to stand up the back.

Thanks to Sarah who drove me back to Caulfield on her way back through saving me from having to rush to get the last train or catching a taxi. I will see how I go with work and who is playing at the Oakleigh Bowling Club and might go back some time in the future.


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