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Sweet Felicia Benefit

Sarah Carroll & Chris Wilson, Wayward Fancies, Jeff Lang & Grant Cummerford, Lil' Fi
Terminus Hotel
Sunday 9th July 2006

Even though I had been busy for the weekend already, I was looking forward to this gig. So much so that I went shopping on Saturday instead of Sunday so I could make sure I would get there early.

In the end I did end up getting there just before Sarah & Chris started which was good. I hadn't been to the Terminus Hotel in Abbotsford before, even though I have been driven and taken the tram past it several times. I will have to try and get there in the future as it is not even as far out as some of the other places I go to in Melbourne.

Sarah Carroll & Chris Wilson were up first with special guest Shulah Hansen. They played a mix of Sarah and Chris' songs and were well received by the people who had made the effort to get there early.

The Wayward Fancies with Ali & Jules were up next. This was the first time I had seen them play as they had finished by the time I got to the Greyhound last time they were playing. I thought they played very well and are sure to do well in the future. There are four photos each of you two on the site Ali & Jules so there is no need to fight about who I might like better.

Jeff Lang with Grant Cummerford on bass were up next. The room seemed to fill up rather quickly once they started and the sliding door at the back had to be opened to fit everyone in - BRRRR! I hadn't seen Jeff Lang perform since the Queenscliff Festival last year so it was great seeing him again.

Lil' Fi has been playing around town, but I haven't had the chance to catch up since her show with The Junes in April. I thought she played great and had a really good backup band. After her set everyone moved downstairs to continue the fest ivies, but I didn't want to stay out too late so I travelled by hook, line and blizzard (tram, bus, tram) to the Greyhound in St Kilda...

Suzannah Espie & The Last Word (special guest Jeff Lang)

Greyhound Hotel
Sunday 9th July 2006

An hour or so later via the Pint on Punt (as always), I walked into the Greyhound to find Suzannah Espie & The Last Word in the middle of their first set with special guest Jeff Lang.

I only stayed for the first set, but it was great. Also thanks to Ali for buying me a drink and Jules for holding my coat. Jeff Lang played some classic rock'n'roll tunes no doubt inspired by the jukebox at the Greyhound.

I hadn't eaten anything since breakfast so I left during the set break to get dinner and head off home. I am sure everyone had a good time and went home happy also.

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