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The Fitz 2005

The Night Cat
Wednesday 9th & Thursday 10th November 2005
with the Caravan of Love as the hosts for both evenings

(these photos taken on the second night)

I went to both nights of the Fitz, but I didn't take any photos on Wednesday as that night was dedicated to the screenings and the most exciting thing that happened was my pants falling down when I tried to sneak off during the last film, causing me to knock over a chair and make the most noise possible.

It was fun to be greeted at the door by the hosts for the evening, Caravan of Love and something different from the normal awards nights. They were also paying special attention to people who went to both nights, which was nice.

While the screening program was great on both nights, I preferred the films they screened on the first night myself. The second night also had shorter movies on the bill due to the performances of Caravan of Love and the presentations.

As I have an interest in the area, I have seen quite a few burlesque/cabaret groups around town and I really enjoyed the show Caravan of Love put on. I will have look out in the future for one of their shows so I can go see them.

On to the awards and the winners were:
Best Achievement in Sound - The Cypriot
Best Achievement in Cinematography - Together
Best Editing - Splintered
Best Actor - George Mouzakis, Mona Lisa
Best Director - Peter Templeman, Splintered
Best Film - Splintered

So that's Fitzroy Shorts over for this year and I have to say that I enjoyed it a lot, in particular when I got to go out for a drink during MIFF with the organisers (I will have to do that more than once next year.) There are still a lot of screening nights and festivals coming up this year, but I am going to have a break from them for a while, so see you next year.


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