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The Junes at the Retreat Hotel

Sunday, 12th November 2006

The last time I saw the Junes it was a very busy weekend, but it was worth taking a day off work after the Junes gig to go see the Re-mains the next night. This time I also had three gigs on three different nights, but I wasn't taking a day off by choice the next day.

I had seen Chris Wilson the night before (my Dad even met him) so it was great to see Sarah the next day and pass on the photos. It must have been a great gig in Dean's Marsh to see Chris get his head shaved.

After talking to Sarah & Glennys I was having dinner, only to see a hand reach across and pinch one of my chips. Glennys also told me I should eat my beetroot like a good boy (she didn't want it.)

It was great to see everyone who used to come see GIT turn up and say hello. I didn't get the chance to say hello to everyone unfortunately. Cheers to Nick & Cookie who I said hello to in passing.

People were already asking if the Junes had a CD for sale, which was great, but at the moment the only way you are going to hear them is to come to one of their gigs.

Ilana was also on the door for the gig, which was great as she was in Frankston seeing the Detonators last time the Junes played. I got to talk to her during the set break and also later she dropped me off at the Corner where she was going to see Slim Jim Phantom.

Hopefully a few people I saw at the Junes will come to my 30th at the Pint on Punt this weekend and my parents and relatives will enjoy seeing Suzannah play a set. Glennys is playing a gig at the Retreat in December and I will try to get to see Sarah play one of her residencies at the Spanish Club.

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