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My 30th Birthday party at the Pint on Punt

with The Eggs, Suzannah Espie & Violent Mood Swings
Saturday, 18th November
with special guest photographer Johnny down the Pint

I had wanted to have my 30th birthday party at the Pint on Punt since I went to John's birthday at the pub last year. I was originally going to have the Twits playing, but they are not performing until next year so I had to cancel those plans. Huge thanks to Fred for drawing my invitations and organising the bands after I gave him a wish list of the people I wanted on. I sent out a lot of invitations via email, but I most of the people who came were those I had given copies of my invitation to myself.

Huge thanks to Corey for cooking on the night and Andrew & Michelle behind the bar. There were 55 meals cooked on the night and I was told the next day that 22 shots of Vodka went into the drinks ordered that night (which explains why I needed the 6 Nurofen and 1 Mersyndol the next day.)

As they were playing for me, I went up the front to see the Eggs. Pierce Membrane got a bit too lippy with the staff so they delivered his Chicken Parma to the stage and he had to eat it while playing. My family enjoyed seeing the Eggs and hopefully some of them will come down to see the Twits in the future if they are brave enough.

It was really great for Suzannah Espie to come down to play as I was never able to take mum and dad to go see GIT when they are together so I will have to settle for introducing the former members separately. My attempt to get a close up shot of Suzannah with my portrait lens went pear-shaped when I dropped my other lens on the ground and it bounced, hence most of the photos from the night are by John.

RRR-ARGH! Memory hazy! I thought it was funny Suzannah made Fred & Lush sing backing vocals when they goofed off behind her on stage. I do remember Suzannah singing 'Blue Baby' for the first song. Cheers to anyone I have missed as there were so many people buying me drinks I didn't get around to everyone. I do remember Toby singing a song with the Violent Mood Swings, the band having to stop due to a noise complaint and going to Topilinos for a pizza later.

Thanks to everyone who made it and for those who didn't, but wanted to, you can look at the photos and still enjoy it that way.

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