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Toe Sucking Cowgirls CD launch

Cornish Arms
with Suzannah Espie & the Last Word
Thursday, 17th March 2005

I had such a good time last year at the St Patrick's Day gig I went to, I decided to take the day after off so I could stay to the end of the gig. I had seen the Toe Sucking Cowgirls a few weeks ago and immediately put the date in my calendar as I enjoyed the gig that day heaps.

On the way to the gig I called into the Pint on Punt to say hello to the bar staff, there were quite a few people in and I heard the next day that they had a great night there, with people coming from as far away as Wodonga to have their St Pat's day celebrations at the venue.

Suzannah Espie & the Last Word were the support for the night. I have seen Suzannah doing a solo show before, but I hadn't seen her other band before. They were really good and played a more rock/blues style than GIT with Suzannah's unique voice talent really coming to the fore.

What also made the night better for me was that my friend came and I got to talk to her all night and even shared some tequila. Hopefully I will get to dance with her in the future, but luckily there was someone else there she could dance with.

The Toe Sucking Cowgirls played even better than last time, especially with the great sound system at the Cornish Arms and Alison on the mixing desk. Special guest for the night was Ray on the pedal steel, who drove all the way down from Northern Queensland for the gig.

If you are interested, the Toe Sucking Cowgirls have a country style of singing, but sped up and with a more rock-style beat. Special mention must go to the 'Country-Polka' in the song Magda that was really good.

In a rock-music style moment, the strap on Glennys' accordion broke just before the last song and had to be repaired by gaffer tape. (Weird Al would probably have the same problem.)

It was a really great night and I was glad to have taken the next day off so I could enjoy it and not have to worry about catching the last tram home. I also picked up their CD and a stubby-holder, that has a really great Friesian cow pattern.

After the show I talked to the band for a while with my friend and we left when the last drinks call came. Five minutes later my friend and I called into the Retreat Hotel up the road as she wanted to catch the Re-Mains last song (just missed it.) I talked to Suzannah, Sarah from GIT and Ian Collard, until that pub closed also. I have agreed to go see the Red Hot Poker Dots and the Re-Mains at the Retreat on Sunday with my friend. Hopefully I will pull up OK after going to see the Twits at the Espy on Saturday.


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