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Tom Budge at the Pint on Punt

Saturday, 1st July 2006

I had heard of Tom Budge before as one Friday after I left he performed at the Pint on Punt wearing only his socks. It was a good night according to those who were there.

As I was at the pub last night, Summo asked if I would be coming to see Tom Budge play the next night. I haven't been going out on Saturdays lately as I am busy on other nights.

Quite a few people though Russ Kellet would be on at the pub tonight, but they stayed to see Tom anyway. I thought he played well and even dealt diplomatically with that clown how came on stage with all his harmonicas and started screwing with the levels.

There were quite a few people there when I left and John said they were going to the Espy later. I had too much stuff with me and the umbrella Ilana gave me, so I decided against going out as I wanted a quiet weekend this week.

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