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The Tote 5/1/2007

Major Keg, King City Seven, My Name is John, The Resignators

Even though it felt like something was trying to stop me from going to this gig (blurry vision, stomach cramps, left my wallet at home, missed the train and tram), I still wanted to go as I had been meaning to see the Resignators for a while and hadn't seen the King City Seven for ages. Even though My Name is John is my friend on MySpace I don't like listening to music on my computer as I prefer going to gigs.

I knew the back room of the Tote was going to be a sweatbox, but at least the beer garden was a bit cooler. Considering the circumstances, Major Keg did quite well and I really liked their song "101 reasons to dump your girlfriend" (I don't know if it is available on CD.)

It was good to see the King City Seven again and talk to some of them. Some of them even took the opportunity to goof off for photos, which the Twits do a lot when they are playing. I thought they played very well given the heat as it was hard to get the crowd excited.

My Name is John were a surprise as I couldn't keep up with them taking photos once they started playing and had to have a rest. The last band to do that was 50 Kaitenz at the same venue last year. Major Keg also enjoyed their set and helped the crowd get more excited.

I don't know why I hadn't been to see the Resignators before, but I will definitely try to see this band again when they come back to Melbourne. You would have thought it was cold and people were trying to get warm by dancing once they started. It was great to see that they already have some really big fans and they really enjoyed the show. They are going to try and make a go of it this year so try to go see them if they are playing this year.

As I had to get a taxi home (the air conditioning was wonderful), I couldn't buy any CDs this time but I will try to get them next time. Everything is a bit up in the air until I get a new job, but I will try to get to at least one gig per week if I can in the next few months.

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