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The Gimmies

with Super Wild Horses, Bowerbirds, The Spazzys, Mach Pelican and special guest Ally Oop
The Tote, Sunday 17th May 2009

After the troubles the Tote had been having with its licence I didn't know if this gig was even going to be on, so it was great to finally hear the pub had worked it out and this would be only one of the many great gigs to come for the venue.

It was like old times walking out to the beer garden seeing Julian Wu cooking snags on the barbie. I also had a chat with Luke and he said the tour with the Gimmies was going great so far and they were looking forward to the gig.

I had heard of the Super Wild Horses, but hadn't gotten to see them as yet. I thought they went well for being on so early in the night.

The last time I saw the Bowerbirds was at the very last gig at the Spanish Club in 2007 so it was great to see them again. I also said hello to Phil on the merch stand and hopefully they sold some CDs.

I have been seeing more of Ally Spazzy acting these days, so it was great to see the Spazzys playing live again. Lucy is living up in Sydney at the moment so they have a new bass player.

I was so happy to see Mach Pelican playing again and everyone else seemed to be looking forward to it also. I miscalculated and stayed up the front too long as I was caught when the crowd all pushed forward at once about three songs in, I managed to escape after a couple more songs and stayed to one side for the rest of their set. Even some of the punters had to escape the slam-dancing and ended up having a spell. I hugged Toshi when he came off stage as I was so happy that they had played a good show.

Ally Oop is Ally Spazzy's new musical project, I thought it was great to hear her new song and I hope the photos turned out well so she can use them on her Myspace.

The Gimmies played alright during their set, but there were some problems with the sound towards the end. The crowd had worn themselves out during Mach Pelican and couldn't dance as much. I am sure they will have good shows on the rest of their tour and I look forward to seeing them in the future.

Thanks to Michael to driving Julian and I home after the gig and I look forward to going to see more gigs at the Tote in the future.


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