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The Tote Relaunch

with Eagle and the Worm, Digger and the Pussycats (unseen), DJ Tristen Harris
Thursday 10th June 2010

I had heard rumours of the reopening for some time, but still didn't expect to see the venue open again for some time due to there being so much else on this time of year.

With the venue being closed for six months, there is a definite break and it is appropriate to start a new era of running the venue. I have seen one venue that tried to operate for several months with the front bar bricked-up and it was not really the best thing to do.

I thought the changes worked out fine with the removal of the step in the front bar that helps with access issues and the removal of the column with its shelf that I always used to clock my head on. I didn't get to go to the Taco van, but I will try to go next time.

I enjoyed seeing the preview of the Tote doco and hopefully they will do the launch for it at the Tote and also at ACMI so more people can go to see it.

Jon, Sam and Andrew are the new owners of the Tote and it was good to see they were able to keep the old name.

Thanks to Amanda and I hope the bar staff enjoyed their choco pies. The Eagle and the Worm and Digger and the Pussycats played, but I only ended up staying for the first few songs of the Eagle and the Worm as I had to work the next day. I will try to get back to the Tote in the near future.


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