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The Twoks "Flower" Single Launch

with The Nymphs, Tim Cannon
Revolt Melbourne, Thursday 16th September 2010

I had been looking forward to this gig all week as I had missed seeing the Nymphs supporting Jo Meares and the Honeyriders due to going to see Jeff Lang, but there always seem to be two or three gigs on the same night that I want to go to.

Jane from the Nymphs is overseas, but they still put on a great half hour set and I got to talk to Kelly and Bek afterwards and had a photo taken with them afterwards. I also got to give them my photos from last time and a CD with Betty Hutton songs on it for them to listen to.

Tim Cannon was up next and the people sitting on the same table started being noisy as their friend Stewart who was going away was playing in that band and the Twoks, it was fun though.

I didn't actually know Xani played in the Twoks when I first heard about this gig, but it was good to see her again as I usually only get to see her once per year at the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre charity gig in March. I really enjoyed the instrumental works and the loops by Xani along with the songs with the handclaps and big finish with the Taiko drummer at the end.

This was the launch gig at Revolt Melbourne and there is meant to be a lot coming up in the future. I would recommend this venue for bigger CD launch gigs and special events as it is a very big room. I also found out it is about $34 to get a taxi home from there as the train is only every 1/2 hour. I will try to make it back for another gig there in the future.


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