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Union Hotel Brunswick Launch

with Bluestone Junction, Sarah Carroll & Suzannah Espie, The Leisuremasters, The Futuras
Sunday 9th November 2008

I didn't know if I was going to make it in time for the first band on the day, but luckily the bands started at 3.30pm instead of 3 so I ended up arriving just in time. The pub is in the middle of two tram lines and the Upfield train line so it should be easy to get to at least.

Bluestone Junction were up first and I recognised some of their members from other bands I had seen around the place. I thought they went well and the crowd built throughout their set. The kitchen was very busy, but I did get to have some home-made sausage rolls, which I might have next time I go to the venue also.

Sarah and Suzannah were up next and it was great to see them playing together after a while of only seeing them play individually. There were already lots of people in for the day so they got to play to a big audience.

The Leisuremasters seem to have had a line-up change, but JVG was the same as ever, going out onto the street and out the back to the beer garden over the course of two songs. They were playing over at the Standard straight after so they left pretty soon after their set.

The final band for the day was the Futuras. I was tired by then so I only stayed for a few songs, but hopefully they had some people dancing to them.

It is good to see a new venue opening for a change and lots of people there. Hopefully some good gigs happen there in the future and I am able to get to the bar without the rush of people from the launch.


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