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Victorian Roller Derby League - Bout 3, Season 2008

Toxic Avengers vs. Dead Ringer Rosies
Puckhandlers, Saturday 19th April 2008

Final Score: 80 - 77
Dead Ringer Rosies win tie breaker after scores level 77 - 77 at full time

I missed the last bout due to being at the Longnecks gig so I was determined to get to this gig even though it was out in the suburbs and I didn't have anyone to go with. As it turns out I misread the Melways and got off the tram in the next suburb over. I still ended up getting there early, which was good as I paid and didn't have to wait in line later.

As it happened I ran into one of the officials who said I could go set up before the match started so I took heaps of photos of the players warming up.

I kept the same spot for the first half and it was also when I took the most photos including some good ones of the falls with the Toxic Avengers pile-up being the biggest in the first half. The game see-sawed with the Dead Ringer Rosies leading for most of the first half.

For the second half I just felt like sitting down and ended up next to the commentary box on "suicide corner" leading to a few close encounters with the skaters. The Toxic Avengers made up for the first half and ended up drawing at full time leading to the first extra time skate off for the league, which the Dead Ringer Rosies won by only a few points.

It was a good night and there was an after party at a pub in Collingwood, but I didn't make it this time as I wanted to catch the last set of a band across town. I ended up running up the hill and got to the tram line just as one was arriving. Next time I will try to come with a few more people or at least not have anything else that weekend so I can have a rest the next day. It was good to take photos of a sporting event as I don't really take photos of the match at the Community Cup.

The next match is on 24th of May with a demonstration bout on 26th April.


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